6x5x11 Drilling Fluid Shear Pump for Solid Control Equipment



• Model: 6x5x11
• Max. Capacity: 150 m3/h
• Head: 30 m
• Impeller diameter: 9-14 inch
• Impeller type: Semi-open
• Materials: Hard iron, Cast iron, SS.

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Sandman™ 6x5x11 Drilling Fluid Shear Pump is a solid control device that can quickly configure and process mud, and can meet the requirements of configuring high-performance mud.

Shear Pump Construction including the shear impeller, casing, frame, packed stuffing box, shaft, V-belt, electric motor and motor base.

Shear Pump Working Principle

The petroleum drilling fluid shear pump is mainly to use the centrifugal force to suck the drilling fluid from the pump inlet, and through the rotation of the impeller, generate centrifugal force to push the drilling fluid to the outlet. In this process, the impeller of the shear pump shears and stirs the drilling fluid to make it evenly mixed to achieve better drilling results.

Available Shear Pump Models



Shear Pump Applications

The Oil drilling fluid shear pumps are widely used in onshore and offshore oil drilling operations. In onshore drilling, the shear pumps can effectively cope with complex and changeable formation conditions, improve the rock carrying capacity and lubrication performance of drilling fluids, and reduce drill bit wear and failure rate. In offshore drilling, due to more severe environmental conditions, the stability and reliability of shear pumps are particularly important. By optimizing the design and manufacturing process of shear pumps, the safety and economy of drilling operations can be further improved.


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