8x6x11 NOV Mission Magnum Centrifugal Discharge Pump



• Model: Magnum I 8x6x11
• Capacity: 220-240 m3/h
• Head: 24-28 m
• Impeller Diameter: 11 inch
• Seal arrangement: Mechanical seal
• Materials: Hard iron, Cast iron, SS.


Sandman™ 8x6x11 NOV Mission Magnum Centrifugal Discharge Pump is widely apply for drilling contractors to work their centrifugal pumps and mix heavier fluids.

8x6x11 Mission Pump Design Feature:

• Wider impellers and increased re-circulation areas. Each feature,contributes to reducing wear when handling abrasive fluids.
• Concentric casing that is an average of 37% thicker than conventional pump casings, The concentric style casing has proven to offer the greatest pump life and reduced downtime.
• The shaft is much larger in diameter than conventional pump shafts for heavy-duty performance, minimum deflection and increased operating life of the seal or packing.
• A type I single tungsten carbide vs. tungsten carbide mechanical seal is standard. Tungsten carbide has proven itself as a highly abrasive resistant material with a Ph range of 7 to 14.
• An easily removable stuffing box allows these pumps to be customized to meet customer needs.
• Magnachrome impellers have a 400 Brinell hardness and Magnachrome casings and stuffing boxes feature a 600 Brinell hardness.

8x6x11 Mission Pump Applications:

Mission centrifugal pumps can be used as Frac discharge pump, Frac suction pump, Oil drilling centrifugal pump, electric centrifugal transfer pump, Skid mounted mixing pump, Transfer pump, Trash pump, Grinding pump, Circulating mud pump, Centrifugal sludge pump, Drilling fluid centrifugal pump, Horizontal directional drilling pump, Denver pump, Filling pump, Feeding pump, etc.

Sandman™ Mission Pumps Parts list:


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