China NOV Mission Sandmaster 4x3x13 Hard Iron Pump



• Model: 4x3x13 Sandmaster
• Capacity: 35-60 m3/h
• Head: 22-28 m
• Impeller type: Open
• Seal arrangement: Mechanical seal
• Materials: Hard iron, Cast iron.

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Sandman™ NOV Mission Sandmaster 4x3x13 hard iron centrifugal pump with mechanical seal and 13 inch impeller and hydraulic adapter.

The compact and adaptable Sandmaster centrifugal pump includes virtually all of the features of the Magnum I. In addition, the Sandmaster is more compact in design and can be adapted for hydraulic motor drive. This added feature makes the Sandmaster ideal for use in applications such as oilfield frac trucks as well as blending and pump charging service. The Sandmaster’s variable speed hydraulic drive make this an excellent pump for water well drilling applications.
When space is at a premium and prime mover options are limited, the SANDMASTER is the pump of choice.

Mission Sandmaster Centrifugal Pump Designs:

• Compact heavy-duty frame design for small space;
• Multiple application in the oil and gas industrial;
• Full open impeller reduces shaft loading;
• Replaceable stuffing box cover,
• Available in hard ductile iron, high chrome alloy fluid ends(casing, impeller, wear pad, stuffing box), customized fluid ends in stainless steel or aluminum bronze acceptable;
• Available in 8 different size, 3×2, 4×3, 5×4, 6×5, 8×6, 10×8;
• One-piece concentric and thicker casing with same power end;
• SKF bearings or equal;
• Oil or grease lube available; oil lube is for speeds in excess of 2400rpm; 3500rpm is available for 3x2x13 and 4x3x13 pump;
• Completely interchangeable with Mission™ Sandmaster™ and MCM™ Mud Master™ and all other popular brand design in the market;
• Spare parts are interchangeable with the standard model.
• The pumps can be unitized with hydraulic motors driven.

Typical Configurations:

3x2x13 6x5x14
4x3x13 8x6x11
5x4x14 8x6x14
6x5x11 10x8x14

NOV Mission Sandmaster Pump Applications:

• Mud mixing and shearing
• Desanding and desilting
• Degassing
• Supercharging
• Centrifugal feed
• Mud cooling towers
• Wash-down
• Chemical, refinery, industrial, construction and agricultural applications
• Underground Construction

Additional information

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 90 × 55 × 55 cm


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