Mission Magnum 8x6x14 Centrifugal Pump High Chrome Impeller



• Model: 8x6x14
• Part code: 19116-xx-30
• Diameter: 14 inch
• Impeller type: Open
• Material: High Chrome
• Weight: 20 kgs

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Sandman™ manufacture High Chrome Impeller for Mission Magnum 8x6x14 Centrifugal Pumps, semi-open type impeller and open impeller with high chrome alloy material.

Sandman Mission Magnum 8x6x14 pump impeller sizes:

19116-A0-30 Impeller 8 x 6 – 14″
19116-94-30 Impeller 8 x 6 – 13.5″
19116-90-30 Impeller 8 x 6 – 13″
19116-84-30 Impeller 8 x 6 – 12.5″
19116-80-30 Impeller 8 x 6 – 12″
19116-74-30 Impeller 8 x 6 – 11.5″
19116-70-30 Impeller 8 x 6 – 11″
19116-64-30 Impeller 8 x 6 – 10.5″
19116-54-30 Impeller 8 x 6 – 9.5″
19116-50-30 Impeller 8 x 6 – 9″

Fully open impeller, best design for the chemical process industries services. Ideally suited for corrosives and abrasives, handles solids and stringy fibers with ease. Allows for simple restoration of clearances when wear takes place. Back pump-out vanes reduce pressure on the shaft seal, reduce axial thrust on the bearings.

Part size cast into the impeller. This makes part identification easier.
Impeller gasket in included with impeller
All impellers are dynamically balanced
Offered Hard iron and other materials upon request

All impellers are investment casted or resin-casted with pickling (acid washing) as our power-end parts, which are also available in cast steel in favor of ductile. All other sizes are resin-casted with pickling (acid washing) to ensure smooth surface finish. To ensure quality, we meticulously check threaded holes by fitting their bolts to ensure the threads are clean and clear. All casings are of course pressure tested and all impellers and dynamic balanced. Each casing is properly pressure tested prior to shipping.

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Weight 20 kg


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