XBSY SB6x8ZJ-12 Oil Drilling Mud Pump with Mechanical Seal



• Model: SB6x8ZJ-12
• Capacity: 200 m3/h
• Head: 33 m
• Motor power: 45 kW
• Impeller type: Closed, Open
• Materials: Hard iron, Cast iron.

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Sandman™ OEM China XBSY SB6”x8”ZJ-12” drilling mud transfer pumps with mechanical seal, the closed impeller can improve the pump efficiency, reduces backflow and leaks.

SB series sand pump is developed matching pump according to the characteristics of oil and gas drilling equipment. It adopts an axial suction structure, and the flow passage parts are wear-resistant cast iron. It is suitable for conveying corrosive drilling fluid with suspended particles or other similar working conditions. Liquid medium is the best matching pump for desander, desilter and mixing funnel, and it is also an ideal filling pump for mud pump. Its parameter design fully considers that the matching equipment can work under the best working conditions. The versatility and interchangeability of parts are strong, the shaft seal leaks less, the work is reliable, the service life is long, and the maintenance is convenient.

Sandman™ Sand pumps include five types of centrifugal pumps: SB2x3, SB3x4, SB4x5, SB5x6 and SB6x8, There are more than 80 specifications based on supporting power from 4kW to 75kW. And for the drive type including direct connection and belt drive, and have two standards, metric and imperial respectively. There are two directions of rotation: forward and reverse.

SB6X8ZJ-12 Sand Pump Design Features:

• High efficiency – the impeller and pump casing ports adopt optimized streamlined design.
• Long work life – the overflow components are made of highly wear-resistant cast iron.
• No clogging – the impeller adopts a wide flow channel design.
• Reliable sealing and easy maintenance – the auxiliary seal is a packing seal, which can prevent accidents.
• Good sealing life – the main seal of the machine seal is a high wear-resistant hard alloy mechanical seal.

XBSY SB Sand Pumps Possible Problems and Solutions:

NO. Problems Reasons Solutions
1 The power of the shaft is too high 1) Friction occurs between the impeller and the end face of the pump casing or the impeller and the protection plate, or the auxiliary impeller friction occurs.

2) The pump operates at a much lower head than the designed point.

3) The gland assembly is too tight.


1) Adjust the clearance between the impeller and the end face of the pump casing and between the impeller and the mechanical seal stuffing box to eliminate friction.

2) Check whether the equipped working machine meets the requirements, and adjust the discharge valve to make the pump work at the design point.

3) Loose the bolt of the gland assembly.

2 The pump flow and head decrease 1) Large particles block the suction pipe and impeller flow path.

2) The pump speed decrease.

3) Wear and tear of impeller.

4) The gap between the impeller and the end face of the pump casing is too large, resulting in increased leakage.

5) The opening of the inlet valve is too small.

1) Clear the blockage.

2) Run the pump at rated speed.

3) Replace the impeller.

4) Adjust the clearance between impeller and pump casing end face.

5) Open wide the inlet valve.

3 Overheating of bearing 1) Excessive or deficient lubricant at bearing.

2) Impurity in the lubricant.

3) Damage of the bearing.

1) Adjust the lubricant to an appropriate amount.

2) Replace the lubricant.

3) Replace the bearing.

4 Vibration of the pump and excessive noise 1) Damage of the bearing.

2) Imbalance of impeller.

3) Loose joint.

4) Pump cavitation.

1) Replace the bearing.

2) Replace the impeller.

3) Tighten loose parts.

4) Improve pump suction conditions to prevent air from entering the pump.

5 Serious leakage 1) Severe wear and tear of shaft sleeve.

2) Mechanical seal failure.

3) The bevel of the packing is inconsistent.

1) Replace shaft sleeve.

2) Replace mechanical seal.

3) Reinstall the packing ring in the wrong position as required.

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Dimensions 200 × 65 × 92 cm


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