14x12x22 Mission Magnum Pump Casing 24022-01-30A



• Model: 14x12x22
• Part No.: 24022-01-30A
• Process #: 651120206
• Materials: High chrome, Hard iron
• Applications: well drilling, cementing, fracturing, etc

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Sandman™ 14x12x22 Mission Magnum XP Frac Pump Casing Assembly 24022-01-30A (651120206) is one of the centrifugal pump wetted parts.

Mission Magnum XP pumps  high chrome wear-resistant fracturing sand pump is a single-stage and single-suction centrifugal pump. The XP series of sand pumps are mostly used on petroleum fracturing vehicles and are suitable for high-power working conditions in harsh operating environments. The design of high-displacement double-channel heavy-duty wear-resistant grouting pump is especially suitable for transporting large-flow and highly corrosive grout.

14x12x22 Mission type XP Pump Design Features:

• Full-open wide impeller.
• Long life no adjustment mechanical seal available for near zero leakage.
• Thick, concentric casing with replaceable casing wear pad.
• Hard iron and high chrome alloy material optional.
• Large power to ensure large flow rates and head pressure up to 500ft.
• Small footprint design is versatile for mobile and stationary application.
• Working for fracking industrial standard and blending application.
• Each casing is approved pressure test prior to delivery.
• Heat treatment was done to improve the hardness and wear-resistance to ensure a longer working life.
• Mechanical seals can be Tungsten-Tungsten, Tungsten-Silicone, or Silicone-Carbide, all with highly polish sealing face and piton bellow and stainless steel springs.
• 100% compatible with NOV™ Mission™ Magnum™ XP, MCM™ XL series and current market offerings.

Mission Magnum XP Centrifugal Pumps Applications:

• Sand Slurry
• Supply boat mud transfer
• Slag
• Fly ash
• Bottom ash
• Dredge tailings
• Food processing
• Blending
• Paper pulp processing
• Waste slurries
• Sewage
• Fluid supercharging
• Spent liquor
• Nickel shot
• Copper, bauxite, and quary slurries
• Lead and zinc ore and tailings

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