6x5x14 and 8x6x14 Impeller for TurboShear Pump System



• Pump type: Supreme Shear Pump
• Size: 8x6x14
• Impeller: modified
• Diameter: 9-14 inch
• Impeller type: Open
• Material: Hard Iron, Stainless Steel

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Sandman™ Mission Supreme Shear Pumps with shear impeller can be used for shear, refine, and mix polymers, bentonite and other drilling mud materials.

The Shear Impeller is mainly used for TurboShear System, The TurboShear System reduces the cost of mixing polymers and clays while improving mud properties. Shearing the polymers eliminates fish eyes and prevents polymer chaining (long strings), which cannot pass through shaker screens. Pre-hydrating clays improves viscosity per pound of clay, reduces water loss and improves filter cake properties. Additionally, the TurboShear System can be used to dissolve salt and mix oil-base fuids.
Adding clays directly to an active mud system does not result in mud properties equal to those achieved with pre-hydration in a high shear system. When clays are added to the active mud system, high shear cannot be applied to the clays since degradation of drill solids and barite will occur. Clay that has not been properly hydrated when added to an active mud system often continues to hydrate for several days, during which the viscosity level increases. Additional water to reduce viscosity may require disposing of excess mud, which increases costs. Hydrating clays and shearing polymers in a separate compartment, prior to introduction to the active mud system, ensure quality mud properties.
The TurboShear pump is available as a belt-driven or diesel-driven package including a hopper, mud gun and transfer line orifice plate. A complete system, including skid, tanks and piping, is also available.
The TurboShear System utilizes the following six methods for shearing:
1. Fluid enters pump through the inlet ports and impacts the shear plate.
2. Fluid passes through the teeth of the shear plate, which is turning at 2200 RPM.
3. Fifty percent of the fluid is re-circulated through the four nozzle scoops and is jetted through 44 nozzles against the shear plate and incoming fluid.
4. Liquid shear occurs at more than 5000 feet per minute. The tip speed of the turbine is more than 7000 feet per minute, causing a liquid shear to occur in addition to the mechanical shear.
5. Shearing occurs as the fluid is jetted into the hydration tank through the mud gun at more than 6000 feet per minute.
6. The product is sheared between the fluid leaving the nozzle and the venturi throat of the hopper.


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