H8264-24-9A 5 Ring Packing with Lantern Ring


H8264-24-9A Packing 5 Ring with Lantern Ring is one of spare parts for Mission 2500 Supreme (Halco) Pumps.


H8264-24-9A Packing 5 Ring with Lantern Ring is one of spare parts for Mission 2500 Supreme (Halco) Pumps.


Tobee® offers 3x2x13, 4x3x13, 5x4x14, 6x5x11, 6x5x14, 8x6x11, 8x6x14, 10x8x14 2500 Supreme Centrifugal Pumps.

The Mission 2500 Supreme has a semi-open impeller design that contains wide-tipped vanes and a more tangential circumference of the suction allowing the pump to create a smoother flow pattern when handling abrasive fluids. The 2500 Supreme is available in hard iron, supreme hard iron, and aluminum bronze fluid ends. The pumps can be unitized with electric motors, diesel engines, and hydraulic motors (horizontal, vertical, or close-coupled configuration).

Typical Applications:

• Barite, ferric oxide, and mineral oil
• Base drilling muds
• Glass fibers
• Sugar processing
• Ash or coal conveyers
• Cement
• Mine de-watering
• Lime slurries
• Kaolin clay
• Crystalline forms

H8264-24-9A 5 Ring Packing


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