Mission 2500 series Centrifugal Sand Pump 4x3x13



• Model: 2500 4x3x13
• Capacity: 35-80 m3/h
• Head: 22-28 m
• Mechanical seal: Tungsten carbide faced
• Materials: Hard iron, Cast iron, SS.


MISSION 2500 Supreme 4x3x13 Sand Pump  is one of the most popular oilfield centrifugal pumps equipment.

Tobee® offers 3x2x13, 4x3x13, 5x4x14, 6x5x11, 6x5x14, 8x6x11, 8x6x14, 10x8x14 2500 Supreme type Centrifugal Pumps.

The Mission 2500 Supreme has a semi-open impeller design that contains wide-tipped vanes and a more tangential circumference of the suction allowing the pump to create a smoother flow pattern when handling abrasive fluids. The 2500 Supreme is available in hard iron, supreme hard iron, and aluminum bronze fluid ends. The pumps can be unitized with electric motors, diesel engines, and hydraulic motors (horizontal, vertical, or close-coupled configuration).

Design Features:

• Versatile stuffing box
• Thick, strong, concentric casing with replaceable casing wear pad
• Casing gasket receded for protection.
• Replaceable stuffing box cover with dual stuffing box bolts
• Long-life, no-adjustment mechanical seal available for near zero leakage
• Replaceable shaft sleeve
• Solid Frame base
• Labyrinth seals for maximum bearing protection
• Duplex angular contact bearings
• Full pipe diameter entrance for minimum turbulence and maximum efficiency
• Wide semi-open impeller creates lower axial thrust for improved bearing life
• All sizes feature the same power end

Typical Applications:

• Barite, ferric oxide, and mineral oil
• Base drilling muds
• Glass fibers
• Sugar processing
• Ash or coal conveyers
• Cement
• Mine de-watering
• Lime slurries
• Kaolin clay
• Crystalline forms

Tobee® offers a complete line of centrifugal sand pumps to suit for all kinds of drilling sand pump application. Size ranges from 3x2x13, 4x3x13, 5x4x14, 6x5x11,6x5x14, 8x6x11,8x6x14, 10x8x14, 12x10x23 to 14x12x22b. Bare pumps, matching motors are available from 7.5KW to 90KW, with rotation 800, 1000, 1150,1450, 1750 to 3500 RPM at 50Hz or 60Hz.

The model 10x8x14 and 8x6x14 centrifugal magnum pump used on solid control system over 3000 meter-long drilling rigs, with big viscosity and heavy specific gravity drilling fluid. 8x6x11 centrifugal mud solid control feeding pump applies to under 3000 meter-long drilling rigs, and it also can be used to supply mud to triplex mud pump as a filling pump. 6×5×11 centrifugal pump applies to truck-mounted drilling rigs or pocket drilling rigs. 4x3x13 drilling centrifugal pump is usually used as measuring pump or replenishment pump. 3x2x13 model pump is usually used as clean water pump.

Tobee®  Mission Magnum Sand Pumps Structural Drawing:

Mission Sand Pumps Structural Drawing


1 Housing 7 L bolt 13 Outside bearing cover
2 Impeller 8 Oil seal 14 Oil seal
3 Mechanical seal box 9 Inside bearing 15 Locknut
4 Bearing block 10 Pump shaft 16 Packing
5 Shaft sleeve 11 Outside bearing block 17 Mechanical seal
6 Packing cover 12 Outside bearing

Tobee®  Mission Magnum Sand Pumps Structural Design:

NOV Magnum Pumps Structural Design

Tobee®  Mission Magnum Sand Pumps On-site Applications:

Tobee Mission Magna Chrome Pumps Applications


• Drilling mud • Drilling sand • Drilling sludge •  Drilling slurry
• Mud mixing • Desanding • Deislting • Degassing
• Shearing operations • Centrifugal feed • Mud cooling towers • Wash down
• Chemicals • Drilling fluid circulating system • Supercharging • Construction
• Agricultural • Suspended particles • Potash Fertilizer Plant • Other industries


Mission 2500 series Centrifugal Pump Performance Parameters:

Model Impeller














4x3x13 13’’ 1450/1750 60 22-28 65 4.0 15/22
12’’ 1450/1750 50 22-28 65 3.5 15/18.5
11’’ 1450/1750 35 22-28 65 3.5 11/15


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