Mission Magnum type 8x6x14 Mud Charging Pump



• Model: 8x6x14
• Capacity: 240-260 m3/h
• Head: 28-33 m
• Impeller diameter: 9-14 inch
• Power: 55/75 kW
• Materials: Hard iron, High chrome, Cast iron, SS.

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Sandman™ Mission Magnum 8x6x14 Mud Charging Pumps are used to circulate drilling mud on a drilling rig at high pressure. The mud is circulated down through the drill string and through the annulus at high pressure.

Sandman Mission Magnum Drilling mud pumps are packaged on skid type units which allow for easy removal and transportation from site to site.

Mission Magnum type Pump Design Features:
• Up to 50% more capacity from the 8 x 6 pump
• Optimum pressure at low operating speeds
• Thicker casing to extend life from wear and corrosion
• New impeller design to reduce loads and extend bearing life
• Larger, stronger shaft to reduce deflection
• Replaceable shaft sleeve in packing wear area
• Larger, long-life bearings
• Replaceable stuffing box cover
• Smoother, non-turbulent flow throughout casing

Mission Centrifugal Pump Range:
3x2x13 6x5x14
4x3x13 8x6x11
5x4x14 8x6x14
6x5x11 10x8x14

Mission Centrifugal Pump Applications:
• Mud pumping – offshore/onshore
• Solids control
• Dredging
• Leveling or Rig Platform (ballast)
• Barite, ferric oxide, and mineral oil
• Base drilling muds
• Glass fibers
• Sugar processing
• Ash or coal conveyers

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