Mission Vertical Centrifugal Pump TSBV series Supplier

Sandman™ Mission Magnum vertically mounted centrifugal pump TSBV series always driven by explosion-proof motor, and the casing, wear parts are interchangeable with horizontal Mission pumps.

Sandman™ TSBV series Mission Magnum I type Vertical Centrifugal Pump is a single stage vertically mounted centrifugal pump, offers ease of maintenance as well as a small footprint in areas with limited floor space, the pump shaft directly connect the electric motor, there no need to install the bearings and mechanical seal, the concentric casing design minimizes shaft cyclical deflection and allows excellent slurry handling.

Sandman TSBV Magnum Vertical Centrifugal Pump Applications:
• Mud pumping – offshore/onshore
• Solids control
• Dredging
• Leveling or Rig Platform (ballast)

Mission Vertical Centrifugal Pump Spare Parts List:

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