24036 Crane Type Mechanical Seal for Mission XP Pumps



• Model: 14x12x22
• Part code: 24036
• Part #: 658416102
• Material: TC
• Diameter: 3.5 inch
• Weight: 2 kgs

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Sandman™ Crane type Mechanical Seal 24036 is one of the wear parts for Mission Magnum XP pumps.

Mechanical Seal Options
A type I single tungsten carbide vs. tungsten carbide mechanical seal is standard. Tungsten carbide has proven itself as a highly abrasive resistant material with a Ph range of 7 to 14, depending on chemical composition. For applications with a lower Ph level the silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide mechanical seal is recommended with its Ph range from 0-14, depending on chemical composition. Both mechanical seals are lubricated by the fluid being transferred and require the pump to remain primed during operation.

The Magnum XP is ideal for pumping large volumes of abrasive, corrosive and difficult to pump heavy slurries. The compact overall size makes it an excellent choice for high-volume mobile and stationary applications requiring a small footprint. Designed for continuous operation with minimal maintenance, this model is designed to provide maximum seal life through low stuffing box pressure and extra heavy shaft design.

Mission XP Pump Design Features:
• Versatile stuffing box
• One-piece casing
• Casing gasket receded for protection
• Back vanes reduce collection of solids at stuffing box
• Long-life, no-adjustment mechanical seal available for near zero leakage
• Replaceable shaft sleeve
• Lip seals for maximum bearing protection (Labyrinth seals optional)
• Duplex angular contact bearings
• Thicker, stronger concentric casings
• Full pipe diameter entrance for minimum turbulence and maximum efficiency
• Single row roller bearings for increased bearing life
• Easily accessible front access drain
• Reduced high bearing loads

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Weight 2 kg


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